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Cold , flu, shivers? That'll be me :(
You know that scene in Ghostbusters where he's lying on the floor, covered in slime? That's what I feel like today. Full-on cold. Obviously yesterday was a curveball to throw me off. This morning it felt like my eyes were glued to the pillow. Yuk. I'll be staying in then :(
AOL think that people will pay $18 a month to download music. At least that's the thrust of their new music services. Oh those poor deluded executives. Will they never learn?
That cough laid me out flat last night. I could hardly stand up! Feel much better today :) A sad day for NASA too. Pioneer 10, the first spacecraft to venture out of the solar system, has fallen silent after traveling 7.6 billion miles from Earth on a mission that has lasted nearly 31 years. 31 years! It would be fascinating to be able to go and retrieve that little probe and see what it looks like after 31 years in space. The damn thing is now so far away it's measured in light-distance. 11 light-hours from earth. Shiat! That's a long way.
This bloody cough is starting to drive me crazy. I got it on sunday night after hoofing it around at Park City in sub-zero temperatures. Today it's turning into a horse cough.
Apparently consumer confidence over here has hit a 10 year low. Well, GW, are you fuckin' surprised ? You've undone all the work that Clinton did and brought the world to the brink of destruction. Do you really think that's the best way to make consumers go on a spending spree? Up until recently, I wasn't too bothered about the Iraq situation. But I'm starting to get very worried now. GW Bush and Vice President Blair are beserking around like they run the planet, like the speak for all of us. In truth, of course, they have less than 40% support from their own population, and no support from other countries. But every time Bush says "jump", Blair pokes out of his arse and asks "how high, George?" Why is it that neither the US or the UK are worrying about Al Qaeda any more? No mention of Osama for months. No concern about North Korea - a country who has admitted having the exact weapons of mass destruction that Bush & Blair seem convince
The US government really have gone too far this time. Their new site,, is supposed to be a centrepoint for the homeland security services. Instead, with liberal pepperings of the words "nuclear", "bioterror" and "chemical attack", it's a website clearly aimed squarely at turning the average american into a hysterical loony. According to the site, we should not be afraid, but be prepared. Then it goes on to tell us about the multitude of ways we could die. Hypochondriacs of America unite! Now you have an official government website to tell you what you're suffering from :-) Fortunately, we have to shed some amusing comedy on the whole situation. Check out their current photoshop link to "more appropriate graphics for". Go there now.
We went up to Park City last night to see Tim do his bobsled run down the Olympic track. He was in the 3rd sled to go down, and touched 80mph. I was part of his observer team with cameras to document the event. I got myself to the inside of turn 12 to try to grab a picture on the way past. At 80+mph, it was bloody difficult (not to mention bloody cold), but I got some good shots. The driver told Tim to count the corners, but he lost it after the fourth corner. He didn't know whether he was coming or going when he finally got out at the finish line, but he really enjoyed it.