Showing posts from April 11, 2004
Sweet . Got our DSL Wi-fi modem yesterday, hooked it up. Got an 802.11g PCI card for the second PC today. Hooked it up. Now we have two PCs that can talk to each other and the 'net. I'm a total convert to wireless networking.
Hollywood is truly out of ideas. In the next big film from Michael Mann - "The Few" - he's going to tell us how a single man won the Battle Of Britain. Apparently Billy Fiske is an uber-hero. At least according to Hollywood, who also seem to think we had aircraft just lying around unused, no pilots and were at our knees desperate for help from the Yanks. Embarrasingly for Hollywood, a few people who worked with the actual Billy Fiske are still alive, and confirm that far from being a hero, he was a less-than-average pilot. He flew a few sorties, mostly as tailguard, and never shot anything down. Hollywood has a habit of ignoring facts to glorify the deeds of Americans. In the 2000 film U-571, US seamen recovered an Enigma code machine from a sinking German submarine and changed the course of World War II. Enigma was in fact retrieved by the British crew of HMS Bulldog, long before the US was involved. They were late, as usual.
I waved a sad adieu to my DVD home theater system today as it vanished into a UPS box to be sent to Sony for repairs in California. The shipping turned out to be quite a bargain. For $27 they packaged and boxed the player for me, and shipped it overland to California. Now to see if Sony will actually repair the thing or just send it back as "busted".
Those asshats at Fox have managed it again. Another great series bites the dust mid-season. Wonderfalls has gone the way of Keen Eddie, Firefly and Futurama. But hey - we have The Swan instead. Yay. No really - yay!. No I seriously am overjoyed. Really I am.
674 dead Americans in Iraq now. Is this what El Bush meant when he stood under that banner on May 1st last year that proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" ? Or perhaps it's what he meant when he said the Iraqi people would "welcome the American liberators with open arms" ?