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Waiting for the snow

The temperatures here have come back up a little now. We're averaging about -2°C in the daytime so it's getting back to prime snowing temperature. Long range forecast looks cloudy, but not snowy. The locals are, of course, complaining about the air quality as they always do at this time of year. They're so picky. It's not like London - you can spend a day outside here and not be blowing black snot out of your nose when you get home. But the news always seems to find someone who thinks the air is making their breathing difficult, or their eyes water, or some other ailment. Lets not forget that most Americans have "allergies" but when pressed, they couldn't tell you what, exactly, they are allergic to.

Robby Gordon out of the Dakar rally

I'm not a huge fan of Robby Gordon. I think he's a dick, frankly. So it was pleasing news for me to find out that he has been disqualified from this year's Dakar rally. He destroyed a wheel bearing en route to the start of a days stage a couple of days ago. But he had been driving so poorly that his support car was actually ahead of him. He didn't manage to communicate to the support car until it was way too late - they'd already started that day's stage. So he's out, and good riddance. He has totally the wrong attitude for Dakar racing. His results have got worse each year he's taken part and now he's DQ and he's gone home (rather than, you know, staying to support the other racers). Hopefully he'll get the message now. He's not a rally driver and he's not welcome at the Dakar.