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American Airlines are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, but their unions are about to sign a deal to save $1.8bn next year. That was until they found out that part of the deal, introduced behind their backs, would allow the VPs of American Airlines to keep all sorts of moneywasting perks. Now they've suspended the vote and might decide to take the airline down to teach the VPs a lesson. Quite bizarre.
*** WAR NEWS*** Well this is embarrassing. Abu Dhabi TV is showing tapes claimed to be recorded of Saddam on April 9th - the day we supposedly "toppled" Bagdhad. The pundits reckon they were taped in early march and this time I'm inclined to agree with them. Still no sign of those pesky weaponsofmassdestruction (all one word, note) though. CNN are even doing polls now : "Do we need to find WMD to justify the war in Iraq?". Erm. Hell yes. Otherwise Bush & Blair should be impeached for taking us to war with manufactured evidence, heresay and no proof, based on a family grudge in the Bush household!
Seems the time traveller story on Yahoo!News was a hoax, and everyone is now dismissing it as "ludicrous, implausible and utter nonsense". Nice to see we've learned to be open-minded about this particular subject.
Fark and The Smoking Gun got a blinder of a scoop today. CNN accidentally published Dick Cheney's obituary online. Fark and TSG managed to grab copies before CNN realised that Cheney isn't actually dead :-)
Stand down boys and girls. We're down to panic level 3, or yellow, or elevated, or whatever the rebranded DefCon settings are. Things are still bubbling around about Syria, but interestingly, North Korea has invited China to the upcoming nuclear arms talks. I picked up the MeshTex gloves last night. It was about 10°C outside when I rode back and my hands were pretty cold. This translates to nice, ventilated gloves when riding in the summer, to go with the nice, ventilated jacked, and nice, ventilated boots :-)
Seems the immediate war is dying down in Iraq now. The "last stand" in Tikrit, supposed to be Saddam's home town, failed to materialise. The US are pulling some troops and equipment out and bringing them back home. The looting still goes on and the relevant parties met today to open discussions on Iraq's future. Still no sign of Saddam. Or Bin Laden for that matter. Do I detect a pattern here?
You just wouldn't believe it if it wasn't GWB would you? Now he's claiming Syria has weapons of mass destruction, and has accused them of helping Iraq! A War with Syria? Come on!! Not only have we not found Saddam yet, but we've found no proof that he had any of the weapons that Bush & Blair seemed so keen to point out that he had!
Phew! First day of yard work today. We borrowed the lawnmower from Jeff, across the road from us. I mowed the lawn, front and back, and it looks great now. Paula did some weeding, and I aerated some beds and spread weed-killing plant food on there. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so we'll hopefully see that stuff bedded in by the rainwater. I got a hose today too, and sparingly washed the car. I'm knackered! The housewarming went well yesterday. We met some more of our neighbours and a lot of the people we invited managed to make it over. We got gardening implements, plants, candles and other gifts. It was fab.