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RIP Steve Jobs

I learned last night that the world's last true great visionary had died and when I got up this morning, the weather was overcast and sheeting down with rain. A sombre weather statement on a sombre day. I don't know of any other CEO in the world who, if they died, would cause people to leave flowers outside the company's offices or stores. Most of the world's CEOs today would be burned in effigy. But most of the world's CEOs are not Steve Jobs. I'm sure Apple will survive without him but I'm not sure what their products are going to be like. Steve was the guiding hand in Apple - you could see his influence in every one of his devices. They were revolutionary, not evolutionary, and like it or not, Steve Jobs changed your life forever even if you never used an Apple device. It seems there were three Apples that changed the world. The first one was the one that Eve ate (if you're religious). The second one was the one that fell on Newton's head. The thi