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Bye bye Tiger. Hello Tiger.

15 weeks on and Triumph have stepped up to the plate (after a lot of negotiating). They're replacing my motorbike with a new one. The dealer has still not been able to solve the problem I took it in for on May 31st. Time has dragged on, I've lost a whole summer riding season (and missed two good bike trips). I never quite lost my rag with Triumph or the dealer, but a few weeks ago I was so down about the whole situation that I could barely muster the effort to get up and go into work. I went down to the dealer tonight and took off all my accessories from the old bike. I got a bit choked up seeing it sitting their, forlornly, having been manhandled by the techs. I couldn't tell if it was saying "where the hell have you been?" or "heeelllppp meeeeee" :-( The new bike should be here some time next week. Same make and model, different colour. Instead of yellow, the new one will be metallic orange.

All your bandwidth are belong to us

Another good reason to hate AT&T / ComCast - they've finally confirmed their home internet bandwidth caps. Idiots. Comcast bandwidth cap

Really? They've been swayed by eye candy?

Good grief. Well - I've got to hand it to McCain. He knows his target audience : idiots distracted by shiny, pretty objects. Lagging behind, he introduced his shiny, pretty object - Sarah 'Pit Bull' Palin - and successfully distracted so many people that he's now ahead in the polls. Come on people - get a grip. She's not a politician. She's a religious nutcase - a pretty one - but a nutcase nevertheless. Remember a week ago she didn't know what 'vice president' meant? Eesh. I can't believe enough Americans are so dumb they want another 8 years of Bush-style anal rape. Here. Let me explain it in geek terminology, thanks to Fark:

IE8 fatter than XP

Microsoft really don't get it do they? The IE8 Beta 2 consumes so much memory and so many system resources that it's actually using more of your computer than the entire XP OS. And that thing's a memory hog on it's own. Do they not understand that an OS should be small? And a browser should be smaller still? Firefox used to be great in terms of system resources but it's slowly suffered from bloat. Google's Chrome looks promising, but I suspect it'll go the same way in the end. To think that Microsoft believe 117 processes and 400Mb of RAM is an acceptable amount of resources for a browser is inconceivable. IE8 fatter than XP