Showing posts from June 29, 2003
From the "Lawyors are dumbing down America" file : pools across the country, having removed their diving boards because idiots were getting hurt, are now removing the deep ends of their pools. What used to be 12ft deep is being reduced to 5ft deep, supposedly to stop us from drowning. Jeez. It's a frickin swimming pool. "SWIMMING". The mere name implies that it does rather require that you know how to SWIM. So a couple of 'tard dive in and hit the bottom, and another couple drown. Now we all have to suffer shitty, truncated no-fun pools because of these morons....? The story.
Woohoo! Last day. Now for a week and half of vacation. Sweeeeet.
We picked up my parents from the airport last night, minus one bag. Hopefully that'll be delivered by 17:00 today. But from the "what the heck" files, comes the United Airlines flight information system. We called the 1-800 number, and the flight was confirmed to land at 21:53, so we headed off to the airport. When we got there, the information board had 'delayed' on it with an arrivel time of 22:07. So we waited and waited, and at 22:07, the board changed to "landed". We waited by the escalators and then I saw dad at the lost luggage counter. Apparently, they'd actually landed at 21:30 - over 20 minutes early. The phone tracking system didn't know this, and the airport info didn't know this either. Weird.
The Internet has been pretty slow the last couple of days. Power sites like Amazon and Google have slowed to a crawl. I wonder if there's another internet worm going around that hasn't been discovered yet.
Ever heard of a 'sweaty' hose? Neither had I until this weekend. We've got a perished black rubber hose entangled in the rose flowerbeds. Or so I thought. When I was in Lowe's, I noticed 'sweating' hoses for sale that looked identical to the one in the rose bed. So I came home and hooked it up to a wter supply and sure enough, it's porous, so it gently sweats water into the soil. Pretty efficient. So I capped on end, bought a 75ft extension for it and we now have sweaty hose around the three-quarters of our garden. Note : hose, not 'ho's. I don't have sweaty black women in the garden....