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So Martha walks free.

Martha Stewart walked free from camp cupcake today. I don't get it. The woman is a criminal, yet people still buy her stuff. I got a right earful when we were looking at towels a couple of months ago and I refused to buy one set because they were Martha Stewart branded. Why should this woman be able to make money when she's a tried and convicted felon? Why was she allowed to write books in jail and make money off them? Why will she be allowed to be paid for her story by magazines and news programs. It's totally wrong. She's being rewarded for being a criminal.

Condosleaze-a Rice and Syria

Not willing to wait for any official investigations to be completed, Sleezy Rice yesterday said she had "firm evidence" that Syria was behind the Lebanon bombing. Would that be the same sort of "evidence" that Saddam had WMD. The same "evidence" that he could strike within 90 minutes? Give it up Rice - nobody believes you, or anyone in the B*sh cabinet any more. You're all liars and decievers and everyone knows it.

Doug Wead folds

Well I suppose it was never going to come to anything. Doug Wead, the reporter with the interview tapes with B*sh where he admitted to taking drugs, has handed the tapes over to the Whitehouse so they can be investigated covered up and conveniently forgotten about.

Cat with nametag. BMW with speed. Gran Turismo 4.

I managed to get Dory's name tag on to her collar this weekend. She freaked out for about 5 minutes afterwards, but then seemed to be fine. We can now hear her jangle as she trots about. Took the bike out for a l-o-n-g ride on saturday afternoon. I ended up doing about 115 miles. Went down Redwood road then out past Russ & Wendy's, down through Cedar Fort on SR73, then up through Tooele on SR36 and back on to I-80 to the city. I took the opportunity of there only being a couple of vehicles on I-80 to crack the throttle open and see how fast it would go with the newly-cleaned engine. The speedo indicated 120mph before I backed off, and I know it over-reads by about 10mph up that high, so I must have been doing near 110mph. The wind buffet at that speed was torturous. I'll be glad when those Tobinators arrive this week then I can fine tune the position of the windscreen. For the rest of the weekend, I was pretty much buried in the basement thrashing Gran Turismo 4. Best.