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Of course. I mean why else would it happen.

For the last 6 weeks my PC mouse has had a fault with the right mouse button where it double-registered, or didn't register at all, giving some interesting results when working with software that needs the RMB. So I finally caved yesterday and ordered a new mouse from Amazon. Come to use my PC today - not a hint or a trace of the problem with the mouse. Soddingtypical.

I know I shouldn't be amazed

I've been shopping on the internet for years. I shouldn't be amazed but every now and then something makes me sit back for a moment and think "wow". Thanks to the internet, I've been able to order a sports screen for my motorbike from a company in New Zealand. They sent me a tracking number, and I checked today and it had all the info in it, including when it left their warehouse, and when it was put on a plane headed for America. When it lands, the tracking system will update and I'll be able to follow it across the country until it arrives on my doorstep. Think about that for a moment - I was able to buy something from a small fabrication shop on the south island of New Zealand - quite literally the other side of the planet - and it'll be with me in about a week. How cool is that?

(Yawn) ... But it's worth it.

In these troubling financial times, on-the-side income is always welcome, but it can be like London buses. Nothing for ages then they all come at once. So a week ago, I had no extracurricular work. Now I have two need-it-now projects that came in at the same time. The work is good and easy for me to do, and it's bringing in some cash to push in to the savings account, but it means a month of late nights ahead. Frankly I'd sooner do that than rest on my laurels though. It helps build my portfolio and helps our savings, mortgage principal and car loan principal. It would seem then that I'm doing what 90% of Americans can't or won't do - making extra cash and saving it for whatever the next 12 months might bring.


A friend of Paula's just texted me this picture on my phone. Bloody brilliant. A touchless willy wash. Just what men the world over have been screaming for.