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American stupidity reaches an epic new low.

Phew . The world is in balance again. After the science-stupid Brits post, I'm pleased to announce that order has been restored to the world. How? Japanese car manufacturer helplines in the US are now fielding calls from people worried that their Japanese cars have suddenly become radioactive. American idiots think their Japanese cars are radioactive That is all.

The English are scientific idiots

Well this surprised me. In a survey conducted by Birmingham Science City, they discovered that 20% of Brits think light sabres exist and that you can see gravity. ? 24% think teleportation exists. 50% think memory-erasing technology exists, a-la Men In Black and 40% think Marty McFly wasn't using special effects but an actual hoverboard in Back To The Future. ? And these people are being allowed to breed? And I thought some of these random surveys made Americans look bad. Scientific Ignorance in Brits .

Worst legislature ever

You know the local government fucked up badly when the eyes of the country are turned on this state with a universal expression of WTF? Amongst a great many other bizarre bills that the governor signed, he signed the bill cutting off the public's right to know what their elected officials are doing. Not only from the public, but everyone. Even the press can't submit a grama request now. As the national press coined it - a black hole of secrecy (just like the predominant religion in this state) worse than cold war Russia. Seems like the house bill is so unpopular though that a lot of representatives that voted for it are now doing a quick about-face as they've realised that their own political careers are going down the drain simply via association with the bill. Why is it in today's world that things which are obvious to most people go right over the heads of those who are supposed to be in the know? It's like our legislature is filled with NASCAR fans and WalMart