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The most incredible driving ever.

I have seen, this morning, the most incredible display of incompetence in a car since I first used a road with a motorised vehicle in 1986. I've google-earthed a mini map with numbers so you can follow along because if it hadn't happened right in front of me, I'd never believe it. An Asian woman, on a cellphone, in a purple Camry, coming up to the intersection of 2100E and Foothill. The lights are green. She's in the right turn lane and nearly turns completely right on to Foothill before veering across to the left and ending up turning left in front of me. (1) in my picture. She then drives along Foothill (2) continously bouncing the wheels off the kerb on the right, generating a shower of sparks. About 2/3 of the way down, both hubcaps come off and I narrowly miss one of them as it pings into the air. The other one flies over the fence into the golf course. But her piece-de-resistance - at the intersection with Sunnyside, she turns right. (3) But not on the road. She

We didn't see this coming. Much.

UAE -owned DP World said today that it would transfer its operations of American ports to a U.S. "entity" after congressional leaders basically told B*sh to suck it. We're not taking bets on the "entity" though because it's pretty obviously Halliburton. Which I guess is what the whole point of all this was. Refer back to my blog on Feb 21st : Option 2 : There's a massive backhander deal in it for the B*sh family and/or Halliburton.

I rank

So Microsoft launched their new new search engine at today. I did a quick check. For people searching for motorbike suspension or car engine oil, my site ranks number 1 of over 2,000,000 results. For car suspension I'm 4th. For brakes, not so good. Must work on that. Same for wheels and tyres. Either way, that's bloody good ranking.

PSP 2.6

So I finally plumped for the 2.6 upgrade to my PSP. Sure it means I can't play any of my ISOs until the hackers update fastloader, but realistically there's still only two games I play regularly, and I've been able to pick up used copies of them both on e-bay for $10 a piece - better than $50 new. So for the time being, I'm down to two games, both legal (gosh!), but I do have all the funky 2.6 features including the web browser, which does a remarkably good job of rendering my sites.

Totally no more.

Well it looks like white-supremacist and local crazy gun freak Dell Schanze has finally got his comeuppance. Totally Awesome computers has ceased business. His interview was classic. Apparently all the media in Utah are "liars and murderers". It gets better. He then called them "angels of satan" and blamed the media for him going out of business. Odd. Speeding through a residential neighbourhood with a deaf child in it, then threatening concerned neighbours with a gun would seem to have been the cause of the bad publicity. But apparently not in Dell's eyes. He finished by telling TV viewers to pray for the news people because if we died right now, our souls and eternal salvation are in serious jeopardy. Seriously. His words, not mine. I always thought that fucker was a freak, right from his first TV commercial I saw in '99. I don't know who would by anything off him - he just looks like a complete nut job and his personality and character that come o