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Student riots

I'm glad that Prince Charles and his horse got caught up on the student riots in London yesterday. The royal family are so isolated from the real world that I wonder if they even know how much a loaf of bread costs now. I suspect Charles was horrified to be mixing with the commoners. The government can't make the correlation between tripling the cost of a university education, and students rioting in the streets of the capital. So much so that Cameron said that it wasn't the special forces or police's fault that Charles' car was attacked, but the students. Umm. No. The students attacked the car - yes. It was the police and special forces fault that they allowed that to happen. I suspect that two things will ultimately come of this. Those who are rich will still go to university. Those that are not will either not go at all, or move oversees to find a country that still values education. This will accelerate the brain drain from the UK leading to an even dumber soci

These people need to get out more

The annual complaining has started in Provo today. Victoria's Secret put their Christmas display up and of course all the local parents are having an outcry. They're complaining that they don't want their kids to see the ads, and in some cases the parents are saying that the sight of photos of women in underwear and swimwear makes them 'uncomfortable'. It's Victoria's Secret - how else are they supposed to advertise? If these people don't want their kids to see the ads, they don't have to walk past the store. I hate to think what the Provo-ites would think if they ever left their little town, or heaven forbid, their state or country. They'd be horrified with the real world. And I have to wonder - if these parents are 'uncomfortable' at the sight of underwear - what are they wearing under their own clothes? Are they going commando, or wearing cut up potato sacks or something?