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Peter Sellers must be spinning in his grave.

We rented the Pink Panther on DVD last night. One word recommendation : Don't. It's terrible. It's not that Steve Martin is bad, it's just that he's not Peter Sellers. It's one of those movies that suffers from the syndrome of showing all the best parts in the trailer. The rest of it just isn't even funny. The studios should remaster and re-issue the original Pink Panther movies on DVD - they're way better.

Double-teamed at the physio

Wow . Just got back from the physio where they double-teamed me on my achilles tendons. One girl did ice-cup deep therapy, which piggin' hurt. The other did ultrasound anasthaesia which was far more pleasant. Frankly, at the moment, the heel they did the ice-cup thing on feels better than the ultrasound. We'll see whether that lasts though.

Signs of the Blu times

The revolution is about to begin. The first Blu-Ray DVD is being released on June 20th, and it's one of my faves - the Fifth Element. Next up is Hitch - meh - I can leave that. But after that comes xXx. Nice! I'm looking through the upcoming releases in DVD Profiler and I see no signs of any HD-DVD titles yet. Come on BluRay. Come on PS3 so I've got something to play them on :-)

Feline Trauma :(

What an epic. We had to take our cat to the vet this morning to check a lump on her right hip. She flat refused to get into her kitty carrier and found plenty of new places to hide in the house. Eventually we had to manhandle her into my old scuba gear bag. Fortunately, once at the vet it turned out to be nothing - a nasty lump of matted hair right close to her skin, but we'd rather be sure there was nothing wrong with her.

Road Rage Disorder?

I kid you not - one of the drug companies has invented "Road Rage Disorder" - apparently some mental problem their drug can cure you of. The technical name for it is "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" or IED for short. That's pretty funny if only because those are the letters used to describe Improvised Explosive Devices used in Iraq. So now they've turned an everyday occurance into a disease, the drug companies can go about fixing us with drugs - of course the whole reason they want to classify it as a disease in the first place. You know what? When some moron cuts me off without looking, or drives into the side of me, or knocks me off my motorbike, I think it's perfectly reasonable to freak out. That's not a disease. It's an entirely predictable reaction to an unnatural situation. And if the person conducting that act against me gets hurt in the process, well maybe they should have fucking looked before they tried to kill me. Motorists don

America collapse at the world cup.

Now I'm not big into football, but America collapsed like the English cricket team today under pressure from Czechoslovakia. 2-0 in the first half, ending the game at 3-0. That's a pretty poor start, but then again, Americans don't really play football so it's not that unexpected. Budweiser might be reconsidering their sponsorship - just because an American company throws millions at sponsoring a sports event doesn't mean the team will do any better. The match I'm interested in is Holland's next one - versus Argentina. That has the potential to be epic.

The continuing de-anglification of England.

Brilliant. English ports are about to become controlled by Goldman-Sachs - the American company. This comes after the government sold off the British Airports Authority to the Spanish Ferrovial group, which comes hot on the heels of the sell-off of P&O to Dubai Ports World. So now we don't have any shipbuilding left, we sold off all our car companies to the Americans and Germans, we don't run our own airports or docks any more, most of our products come from abroad and we manufacture absolutely nothing. England in the 21st Century. What a fucked-up over-politicised shithole. I thought it was bad when I left but the gentle decline has accelerated to a full-bore collapse. Still - on the upside, having Ferrovial run the airports means they might work more like airports and less like shopping malls. Hell - it means the moving walkways might actually work, the airports might not stink of sewage and cigarette smoke, and the first impression for people arriving might be more favo

It's about bloody time

Well the Dish network guy didn't turn up yesterday, and we got a phonecall about 6pm from "Ginny" telling us he was super super super busy, to which I told her I was super super super pissed off. So she re-scheduled him for 8am this morning. 8:30 - no sign so I hop on the phone to Dish network and start bitching at them until I get escalated to their "executive level" solutions people. Dwayne was trying to help when the installer finally turned up. It didn't take him long to move the dish and install the new receiver, but he did seem a little short for a satellite dish installer - he can't have been more than 5ft tall....