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Putting nightclubs in residential areas - why don't people see this is A Bad Thing?

With Utah having just joined the 20th century in terms of it's drinking laws, people are getting a bit too keen now. Now they want to allow a full service bar and nightclub in a residential neighbourhood. Hmm. What to look forward to the most? People using your front yard as a toilet on their way home from a club? The drug deals going down outside your front door? Or the loud drunken fights at 3am? It's hard to understand why they're even considering this. Crime will go up, property prices will go down - that's a given - nobody can argue that. What about the noise? The crowds? The constant police presence? You people really want that in a residential neighbourhood ? The same place your kids play? The same place you sit in your back yard having a quiet barbecue? I guess this is another part of the freakishly crazy side of Utahns that I just don't understand.

Shopping for clothes, only different.

Having now dropped 14kg (30lbs in old money), I had to go clothes shopping this weekend. I've come down one size in trousers and one size in shirts. Although I didn't want to buy too much because if I keep going, I'll basically need to replace my entire wardrobe by the end of the year. Even my motorcycling gear is remarkably tent-like on me now.