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The FAA prove what's wrong with management.

Did you hear the one about the Washington air traffic controller who dozed off and almost caused a national emergency? No? FAA management in their infinite wisdom decided that the night shift at Washington airport could be covered by one guy. When he fell asleep for 20 minutes and none of the incoming aircraft could contact the tower, all hell broke loose. Now the FAA is slamming the guy for falling asleep and looking at "options" - for example rest breaks and not leaving one guy in the tower alone on the night shift. Door closed. Horse bolted. It would seem obvious to a worker that either of these options should be the norm, not something to be investigated after an incident. I think this is another example of what is wrong with management in general. Once they get to the point where they do nothing more productive than produce paperwork and attend meetings, they tend to wander off and make stupid decisions - the sorts of decisions that they wouldn't have made before be

Hybrid do Madonna

I love Hybrid - I think they're one of the best DJ / Remixer pairs around right now. So I was super excited when my iPod spewed out a long-lost remix I had lying around when Hybrid did the Ministry of Sound back in 1999. Out of the whole set, the 4 minutes around Ray Of Light were bloody brilliant. Listen for yourself : Hybrid / Madonna - Ray Of Light