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More preparation for the ski season.

Sports Authority are having their annual Sniagrab today ("bargains" spelled backwards). This is where they sell off all the remains of last season's products at a huge discount at the end of summer. Spendy full-price types who absolutely must have new kit every season are nowhere to be found at these events - they're strictly for those who want decent kit and bugger the year and style. I went looking for ski pants because with my weight loss being the way it is, my old ski pants were like clown trousers on me. I came out with new Salomon ski pants ($79 instead of $149), a new Alpine Design ski jacket ($59 instead of $199) and a new pair of Scott ski gloved ($29 instead of $49). All decent brands. The best part was that because I was there before noon, I got an additional 25% off at the checkout. Cost to the spendy full-price types: $397 plus tax. Cost to me, today, before noon: $125 plus tax plus a lot of smug emissions. Nice.

Shortening the loan

I just shortened by car loan by 5 months by paying a chunk off the principal. The odd thing was that there were two options available to me on the finance site - "regular payment" or "principal payment". With the "regular payment" option, some of the money would go to the principal and some would disappear in interest. I'm not sure why that's even an option - if you're paying extra money into a loan you always want to pay it off the principal. Weird.

Strawberry shortcake

As part of my weight loss plan, I walk around the park most evenings. Whilst most people walk anticlockwise, I walk the opposite way so I can see everyone coming towards me. I smile at everyone and everyone smiles back. Except for one. Since May, one cute girl has never smiled back. She jobs past me three times every evening, and the perfume she wears leaves and odour of Strawberry Shortcake behind her - the girls toy doll (don't ask how I know this). So I've nicknamed her that, and now the challenge is on to get her to smile back one evening. Why blog about this now? Tonight I made progress - Strawberry Shortcake looked at me. No smile, but that's definite progress. :-)

Looks like cooler weather is on the way.

It's about bloody time. I picked up my season pass for Solitude ski resort this weekend - roll on the cooler weather and the snow. Begone stupid 40 degree days.