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Corporate online training courses

I was just subjected to another of our company's online training courses this morning and every time I do one of these, it saps the will to live out of me. I do these courses wondering how anyone could get the questions wrong when everything is just basic common sense. You don't even need to watch the course to get the answers right - just leave it in the background somewhere and when the noise stops, check and see if it wants you to press a button. Most of the engineers around me are of the same opinion - we just can't understand why time and money is wasted creating these courses and forcing people to sit through them. "John wonders if he can take the code he wrote for a project in his old job and just re-use it for the current project. Is this the right thing to do?" Frankly I don't need training to tell me the answer to that one but recently we began to understand why these training courses exist. Apparently in our company there are tens of thousands of