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Locating the elusive rattle

Since the day I bought my Tiguan, it's had what sounds like a suspension strut rattle from the front right-hand side of the car when going over bumps and potholes. Given that I get free servicing and a free courtesy check, I figured I'd tell the garage about it when I took the car in yesterday. Fortunately I was able to find a road where I could reproduce the sound for one of their mechanics but unfortunately he had no idea what it was. As a result they wanted to keep my lovely new Tiguan for a couple of days to try to diagnose it. I've got a Jetta as a loaner but I miss my Tiguan. I'm bothered by the thought that they might not be able to locate the source of the noise and will just tell me to live with it, which isn't acceptable. But that's based on my experience of other dealerships in this area (notably Accolade/BMW Of Salt Lake who fucked up so badly that Triumph corporate had to buy me a new bike). I'm trying to stay optimistic but the realistic side

Fussing with my iPhone.

Just a quick blog entry to see if I can do it easily from my iPhone. Pity there isn't a proper blogger app yet. Looks like I have to do it via email or SMS.