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Behold the Tardis-like capacity of the Honda Element.

Despite the slightly asthmatic engine and the aerodynamic prowess of a tower block, I do enjoy my Honda Element. This is a complete Ikea corner desk set stuffed into the back of it. The main desk component is 2m long!

From the "people you want to slap" file.

The young woman in front of me at the supermarket tonight was standing in line with her trolley full of stuff. She didn't transfer it to the conveyor belt and when the cashier asked her to, she said in a very pompous voice "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't realise I had to unload my cart too. It's bad enough that none of your assistants would push it around the store for me." "......!" Stuck-up bitch. I just wanted to beat the crap out of her. Perhaps she should have sent one of her slaves to the store for her instead. It piqued my curiosity enough to follow her out to the parking lot where she had some poor soul open the door to her Escalade, pack her shopping in to it, then get into the drivers seat and drive her away. People like that exemplify all that is wrong the upper classes. Toffee-nosed cocks all need taking down a peg or two.

A sunday blat.

Mike and I took off yesterday for a quick sunday blat into the mountains on the bikes. We did about 150 miles overall - nice ride. Up past Park City and into Henefer, then over East Canyon to Trapper's Loop, up and over then out of Ogden canyon and back down SR89 and I15 to Salt Lake City. Weather was perfect - cool, sunny and dry. This coming weekend looks like it's going to be a nice one too. In the meantime, amongst all the other little things I concern myself with, I'm now wondering how best to save a section of our lawn that looks for the life of me like it's dead already and it's not even hot weather yet. I reckon something is eating the roots. Bastard. On top of that I've managed to kill yet another tree in our back garden. Well of course it's not me that killed it, but you can get a complex, you know? When you move into a house and within 5 years, 3 trees die in the same garden. It sucketh.