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How to lose your readers in three easy steps.

Step 1. Publish a great magazine with excellent photography and well-written articles. Step 2. Announce a tie-in with a mediocre web forum. Step 3. Stop printing the magazine and move everything to the mediocre website. I used to read a really good motorcycling magazine called TWO - Two Wheels Only. A year or so ago they started a big tie-in with - a myspace-like website that was littered with abominable design, popup ads and a forum full of people with tourette's. Then in September last year, the magazine disappeared from the shelves of my newsagent completely. I figured there was a printing delay or something so I waited a while but come November, still no TWO. No Christmas special either - WTF? Eventually I googled it and discovered they'd simply stopped printing the magazine and turned it into part of The website has undergone a redesign so it's not quite so nasty now but it's still impossible to navigate. The bigger problem is that i