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BP - the epitome of evil.

Well this is good to know: So despite BP ignoring warnings a year ago and turning off the failsafe and alarms, they're clearly not to be held accountable for the wholesale destruction they wreaked in the Gulf. Fuckers.

eBay is bent

At the time of writing, my eBay reputation has just been decimated from an 11 year 100% rating to about 85% because of the bent way the eBay feedback system works. I had an item for sale that clearly stated no international shipping. The winning bidder was from Spain. He spent 6 days arguing about the cost of shipping, refusing to pay, and cancelling payment requests through Paypal. In the end I cancelled the auction. eBay in their infinite wisdom then allowed him to leave me negative feedback, whilst only giving me the option to leave positive feedback. I couldn't give him negative feedback. He broke the contract of sale which is against the eBay terms and conditions, and when I complained, eBay sided with the buyer. They refuse to remove his negative feedback on the grounds that the feedback itself doesn't break their T's and C's. So its okay to ruin someones eBay reputation as long as you don't swear in the feedback form. That is totally corrupt. eBay is well and