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Susan Boyle : biggest surprise ever.

I'm no fan of TV talent shows, but there's a shocker doing the rounds at the moment. Susan Boyle, an unemployed 47 year old, went on Britain's Got Talent a couple of nights ago, and right up to the point where she started to sing, looked like a total joke. What happened next is nothing short of amazing. YouTube won't allow this video to be embedded, but follow the link and watch the performance : Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Best. Music. Video. Ever

If you've never seen the banned, then un-banned, then banned-again, then award-winning music video for the Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up", then here it is. It came up in a mix I was listening to, and I thought it had been a while since I saw the whole thing. If you're a prude, even faintly religious, or can be offended by sex, drugs and alcohol, then it's probably best you don't watch this. Or if you do, don't complain to me. Smack my bitch up (uncensored) - Prodigy by Trigu

Vegas Minitrip 2

We just got back from another Vegas minitrip - this time to meet up with my mum and dad who'd flown over for a long weekend. It was nice to see them again. Vegas is getting less and less family friendly - which I don't mind - especially when that means near naked babes dancing on platforms on the casino floor. Even the Luxor has them now. So there's sin everywhere now, from the casino floors out on to the strip and all the advertising. I'm sure our local mormon friends can see the fires of hell burning on the horizon as I type this :-)