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p2p sharing again.

I found another site showing stuff they've found on p2p networks. Foundphotos .

BBbbbooooom! "The world is a safer place."

A suicide bomber, or possibly a pair, have struck the U.S. Embassy and Uzbek Prosecutor's Office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. But as Dubya said (at least) 8 times in his campaigning speech this morning, "because of America's actions, the world and America is safer".

Motherf********* *** ***** *****ing **** ***** project.

The air was blue outside last night as the ledge board for our deck got the better of me. I'm not sure but I think I might have invented a few new swear words. Of the 6 holes I drilled into the concrete, and filled with concrete anchors (read : immovable stuff), one of them decided to misalign after I took the board off to make a mod. It took me 20 god**** motherf****** pis***** fu****** **** ****** ********* ******** *******ing minutes to get the bas***** ************ ******* thing back into place.

Price Gouge? Us? Never!

Exxon posted their Q2 earnings today. Up 39% from last year. Not that they're profiteering or anything. No. $1.95 a gallon, up from $1.39 last year? Pure coincidence. Nothing to do with massive gains in revenue. Nothing at all.

Rigging the election 101.

Here's a shocker : electronic voting machines are fallible. Well, we knew that, but today it became fairly important news. You see a computer crash erased detailed records from the country's first widespread use of touchscreen voting machines. The crashes occurred in May and November of 2003, erasing information from the September 2002 gubernatorial primaries and other elections. And where, oh where, did this problem happen? Miami-Dade county, Florida. (Story here) That's right folks - the Jeb Bush state that bollocksed-up the 2000 Presidential elections and wound up assigning El Busho as president. Let's not forget that despite it being the deciding state, and despite Al Gore getting more votes whichever way you counted them, somehow Florida's voting system managed to make El Busho win. Here's an idea - reduce the electoral college vote for Florida so it's no longer an important state, educate the public on how to vote ("tick the box"

I feel a great disturbance in the force.

The Cassini space probe has photographed Mimas - a tiny moon orbiting Saturn. Looks an awful lot like the death star. Cue asthmatic breating and evil music. The impact crater is called Herschel. It's a bit weak though. What a pansy name for a crater. How about Duke or Crater of Death? Much better.

0000 00 00000 0h terribly sorry 7

Hugh Grant is being considered for the next James Bond? What? The simpering, single-character, stuttering fop? "The erm, oh, erm, oh, I, I, I, erm, name's B-b-b-b-bond, yes, erm, I, terribly sorry, I, I, James, yes, James Bond." Good way to kill the franchise. Any of the other considerees - fine. Hugh Grant - no way. Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd (who?), Colin Firth, Gerard Butler (Gerard? Bond? Erm - no), Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger and Eric Bana.

ID&T Sensation White

So I finished listening to all the downloaded sets from the ID&T dance-fest that is Sensation White. This year, there were 7 sets. The worst was Joost van Bellen - perhaps that's why he was last. Paul Van Dijk was up to his usual high standard, and Sander Kleinenberg did some awesome mixing. His whole set was way up around the 130bpm area. He included some totally up-to-date mixes of Pink Floyd's 'Wall'. Well cool. Brian S did a good set - not least of which his somewhat retro inclusion of Ska Train - inspired. Benjamin Bates? Hmm. The jury's still out on him. The megamix was okay but nothing to write home about either - or even blog about.

See what you share.

Wow. is an amazing site. This guy picks around p2p networks across the globe and publishes what he finds on his website. There's a lot of leaky p2p networks in the US Military right now. Not least of which the USS Abraham Lincoln is sharing its routing sheet and personnel roster..... Fascinating.

Lori Hacking

Time to comment. One of three things has happened: (1) she learned of her husband's web of lies and deceit, and ran away (2) she learned of her husband's web of lies and deceit, and in a confrontational argument, he killed her (3) he killed her outright I seriously doubt she's been abducted. As well as that, Ed Smart's sudden reappearance and self-association with the Hacking family is worrying and suspicious.

Gillette - putting weapons into the hands of terrorist.

Clever. With all of the headlines and commotion about hyped-up security at this year's political conventions you'd think that someone would have thought twice about the decision to place boxes of Gillette razors in each of the welcome bags handed out with credentials to the delegates and the press.... Boston-based Gillette reportedly spent over a million dollars on the product placement, only to have: [a] their products unused as all of the razors were confiscated when convention-goers attempted to pass through security; and [b] their name taken in vain repeatedly because the already-long security lines became even more backed-up due to the razor snafu. This is so funny on two levels. First that Gillette would make that mistake to start with, and second that the security guards are so anal that they think that safety razors are actually such a threat that they need to be confiscated. You could do more damage with a ballpoint pen or fountain pen (sharp, and can contain a

Your VCR could become illegal.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is going to consider a bill on Thursday that would hold technology companies liable for any product they make that encourages people to steal copyright materials. That means your VCR, CD recorder, DVD recorder, tape recorder and iPod could all become illegal. So could your memory stick, voice memo recorder, telephone answering machine, and get this : your video camera and digital and 35mm camera could also become illegal. Basically, anything you could use to record anything else in any medium, could be outlawed. Cameras can be used to "steal" copyright by photographing other's work. Audio recorders can be used to "steal" copyright because they record audio. And VCRs? Sweet mother of God - they record pictures and audio! Save us! That makes just about every man, woman and child on the planet a copyright-thieving miscreant in the eyes of the senator who backs this act. And who is that lovely man? Why our very own Utah senator O

Google shares at $135? No wonder MyDoom is attacking them!

Google announced it's IPO price today - between $108 and $135 a share. Yet another case of stock markets for the rich. Who the hell can afford $135 a share for anything? I'm sure they'll make billions, but it's all in the name of greed. No company is worth $135 a share, not even google. It a curious twist, the latest MyDoom virus, spreading like wildfire across the web this morning, is targeting Yahoo, Google, Altavista and Lycos search engines. Google keeps giving 503 errors - presumably because the servers are being flooded with search requests from idiots users who open email attachments. By all means attack SCO - they deserve it. But don't mess with're taking the bull by the horns there my friend.