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Looks like the price of Seagate hard drives is going up then.

Well done Sara Cho and Michael Lazar - you complete and utter wankers. Because of these two incompetent's inability to read a label, they've won a huge lawsuit against Seagate because they claim they were robbed of disk capacity. They claim they thought that a 1Gb hard drive would have 1,073,741,824 bytes of available space on it, not 1 million a different of 7 percent. This comes down to English language vs. computerspeak. Until today, everyone in computers understood that 1 gig did not mean 1.07 million bytes - it meant a million. So when you bought a hard drive advertising 100Gb of space, you actually only get 93Gb of usable space. Now, because of these two twats, it has to be spelled out in words of one syllable or less, and Seagate have to cough up a class action lawsuit refunding 5% of the cost of the 6 million drives they've sold in the last 6 years. I qualify, because it's a class action suite and because I've bought 3 Seagate drives in that time. Unlike Ms
According to some study published today, adults in the UK now drink the equivalent of 11.4 litres of pure alcohol every year. That works out at 189 bottles of wine (nine per cent proof), 37 bottles of whisky (40 per cent proof) or 1,137 pints of beer (3.5 per cent). That's basically 3½ pints of beer a day . So given that a lot of people drink a lot less than that, and a lot of people don't drink much at all, that means that for the average to be 3½ pints a day, some people must be downing nearly 3 times that much to compensate for people like me who perhaps have 10 pints in a year. As shocking / entertaining as this is, it's not making my cold feel any better :p

Not the message Jeep intended?

I've just seen the new Jeep Commander advert on TV - shows them driving around in an oversized sandbox with oversized spades and buckets. The message I got from that advert is "the Jeep Commander is a child's toy". Methinks they ought to have thought that through before airing it.

Smitten down with a cold.

First one of the season I suspect. Felt like a light head cold yesterday morning. This morning, feels like someone broke into my head with a tube of caulk and gummed everything up. So I'm staying home, rather than spreading it around. I'm doing my best to stay away from daytime TV because that'll just tip me over the edge.

Cellphones on planes again.

Boy they just won't stop pushing this will they? Again the topic of cellphones on aircraft has come up. I really don't think the technology and cellphone companies quite understand the ramifications of this. Flying is a fucking miserable experience as it is thanks to El Busho's "war on terror" and the airlines incessant need to make us all fly in 22 inch seat pitch. To allow cellphones on aircraft is just going to tip people like me over the edge. You know what - I don't care if I get arrested for threatening someone at 30,000ft. If that's what it takes to publicise what a damn stupid idea this is, then that's what I'll do. The first person who strikes up a cellphone conversation next to me on a plane is going to find their phone taken apart and shoved up their ass with extreme prejudice. Gizmodo story


If you don't have Valve's Steam game delivery system on your PC, you really ought to install it and play something called Portal. It uses the Half Life 2 game engine but sets you in an experimental lab with a portal gun - a gun that can be used to fire wormhole entrance and exit portals into just about any surface in the room. It's a first-person puzzle game where you have to take into account the physics of putting an entrance portal in the wall and an exit portal in the ceiling (for example). It's like being stuck in an Escher painting.