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I got you dancin'

Pete Tong had a track on tonight that I had to trace down through his playlists because it was so catchy. A 24 year old white rapper of sorts from London's East End. The track is less rap and more dance and her accent comes through really clearly. Not sure if anything else she's done is any good, but the free track she's giving away to promote her new album does it for me. Go to Lady Sovereign for the free track.

Along similar lines.

I've had Mediaplayer playing all my 90's MP3s today after listening to the Golden Hour this morning. Random shuffle with a 5 second crossfade, and it just created one of the best unintentional segues - Nina Simone's "My Baby Just Cares For Me" into Sasha's "Expander - Edit". 1959 to 1999 in one fell swoop, via the 1993 re-issue. Nice.

I'm old.

The Golden Hour on Radio 1 this morning was 1990. As triggered by Move Any Mountain (The Shamen) and Fascinating Rhythm (Bass-o-matic). Great tracks. Don't have them on mp3. Yet. ..... And now I do.

Obama's the MAN!

Love it. Citigroup wanted to spend $50M of the $45bn bailout money on a new corporate jet. Obama isn't big on corporate greed and pressured them enough that they cancelled the order. Obama forces Citigroup to cancel $50m corporate jet order It's about bloody time. I didn't want to buy a bank anyway. I certainly don't want them to use MY money to buy a damn bizjet.

I could care less about PETA...

But one of my fave teen movie stars who has now grown up is posing naked for PETA now, and that's something worth celebrating.

A Poor skiing performance from me today.

Great news for skiers - there's a ton of new snow up in the resorts. Bad news for me - I'm not the world' most brilliant skier in new snow - I prefer the packed-down or groomed runs. So this morning, having biffed it three times in four runs, and deciding I really wasn't enjoying myself, I picked up my bruised ego and came home :( Better luck next weekend I hope.