Showing posts from January 18, 2004
Oh no. Spirit hasn't transmitted data from Mars for over 24 hours now. Nasa have been trying to receive information but all they've got back is a weak acknowledgement that Spirit received the instructions.
Woohoo . Michael Moore has stepped up to the plate in support of Wesley Clark. Read all about it.
Microsoft says it may have been overaggressive in threatening Web entrepreneur Mike Rowe over the name of his Web site, It seems they didn't think it would get the widespread disapproval and ridicule of the internet community at large. Apparently they've decided to tone down the response. ???
Ha ha Another person gets a Darwin award for removing themselves from the gene pool. This time some teenage kid. She sat on a merry-go-round. Her mates attached a rope to a it, wound it up, and tied the other end to a pickup truck. When the truck took off, the ride spun. The kid was thrown 75 feet - 75 FEET!!! What did they expect would happen?
We're into our record-setting 18th day of sub-zero temperatures here in Salt Lake City now. One more day and we'll break that record, set in 1976. Meanwhile, the carcasses in Iowa voted themselves a new leader, or something.
Good grief. Corporate idiocy gone mad. Microsoft are suing a 17 year old kid - Mike Rowe - for copyright infringement because his website has the URL Still I suppose that's what you get for using a Microsoft product to spell-check a website name.