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Winblows 7 - not THAT great

So the time is upon us - Winblows 7 is here. Well - tomorrow anyway. I was pretty excited with the beta release last year - it was relatively clean and fast and compared to Vista it was nothing short of a revelation. But then the release candidate came out and as is the way with everything Microsoft, the bloat and slowdown had been introduced. Gone was the 20 second boot up. Gone was the slick, quick-responding interface. Gone was the speed. I skipped Vista and it now looks like there would need to be a pretty compelling reason to go to Windows 7. For the time being, because I don't want or need to rebuild and re-install my PC again, I'm sticking with XP. Until there's a "killer app" or actual reason to move to 7, everyone else can fawn and dote over it.

Nooooo - not the enchanted bunny !

The Big Bang Theory on CBS is getting better by the episode - it's one of the one of the only shows I try to watch on the night of transmission rather than just picking it up off the DVR later. This week they had Wil Wheaton make an appearance - he of Star Trek TNG fame. Sheldon is becoming more irritating by the episode - as they said about him last series, he's only one lab accident away from being a supervillain. Best quote of last night's episode came from some role-playing card game. Not sure what they were spoofing but this made me laugh loud: Warlord beats troll. Troll beats elf. Elf beats Water Sprite. And basically everything beats Enchanted Bunny - unless it has the carrot of power.

Chilling out nearly into a coma

If you're ever in need of some - "out there" music to totally chill out to - to the point of almost falling into a coma - I can totally recommend Jean-Michel Jarre's "Waiting For Cousteau" album. Well not the first three tracks, but the last, 46-minute epic. I used to use it to wipe away stress when I lived on my own in the flat back in Reading. I'd forgotten all about it until it turned up in my stack of CDs that I'm now (finally) importing into iTunes. I started playing track 4 and pretty much just zoned out staring at the screen. What didn't help was my Electric Sheep screensaver came on too. Like, trippy, man.