Showing posts from May 4, 2003
***WAR NEWS*** . The US says it has found a mobile chemical weapons lab in Iraq. Media and Pentagon not waiting for confirmation, as usual.
Word hit the street today about a followup to Microsoft Train Simulator. v2 is due out sometime this autumn. Looks like my business "on the side" is going to pick up again :-)
Three cheers for the Internet. Radio Stad Den Haag has come back to life. If you have to ask, then you didn't live in the Hague in the 80's. Thanks to winamp and a healthy disregard for the RIAA et al, the original Stad Den Haag DJs have brought the station back :-)
It's been a week since I blogged, mostly because I've been in London at a trade show. Got back on friday. In amongst all the junk email I had this morning, I found this little gem : the Honda Accord "COG" advert. It's making big waves on the 'net and in advertising in general. The whole thing was taken in a single shot, but they only got it right on the 606th take. Here's a link to the Flash file of the movie. There's QT versions around too but I haven't found any. This is a link to a great Telegraph article on how they did it.