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Amazon is broken.

I was looking at my GoldBox offers on amazon today and I thought I'd found a good deal when it showed up some noise-cancelling headphones. I thought I'd check Google first, and the first link on Google was back to Amazon, for the same product, on the same site, but cheaper. Methinks the GoldBox offers aren't all they're cracked up to be...

Lindsay Lohan has gone herione chic

Oh it's such a shame when a perfectly ordinary hottie goes on the puke diet. The latest to suffer is Lindsay Lohan. From great-looking teen hottie (left) to heroine-chic skeleton (right). Gaunt eyes, seeing bones through the skin. She'll be in the rehabilitation clinic within a matter of weeks, but first we'll have to put up with the interviews and PR claiming that she's not ill and there's nothing wrong with her. Such a shame.

Worst. News. Ever.

The Pentagon today announced it was "making plans" for when (not if?) talks with N.Korea fall through. I really didn't think B*sh was that insane. I mean we know he's a 100% Grade A1 paranoid lunatic, but this level of insanity normally results in being sent to a mental asylum. Obviously Iraq wasn't enough of a lesson. Now he's going to start fearmongering and lying to America to get everyone to believe that action against N.Koreas is "inevitable." Unfortunately for - well - everyone on the face of the planet - this is likely to be the last mistake B*sh (or anyone for that matter) ever makes. On a scale of "Good Ideas", where 10 is curing cancer, and 1 is starting World War 3, B*sh's "making plans" against N.Korea is about negative 1 billion. I can see it. You can see it. 50% of Americans can see it. Almost all of the rest of the world can see it. Yet for some reason, B*sh and his warmongers, along with the other 50% of t

Speed nazis to ruin Run to the Sun this year.

I read with dismay that the speed nazis are specifically planning to target everyone on the Run To The Sun this year. It's a huge motoring event where people from all over England gather in Newquay each year, mostly in VW Bugs and custom cars. Police say the cameras will be used from Thursday until the end of the bank holiday weekend on Monday. Last year the Run to the Sun festival attracted a record 100,000 revellers. Well obviously people can't be allowed to have fun. No, no. We'll put a stop to that! Joyless fucktards.

Jennifer Wilbanks indicted by grand jury.

In better news, crazy-eyed cracker Jennifer Wilbanks was indicted this morning by a grand jury and could spend 6 years in jail. She's been charged with one count of making false statements, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison, and one count of making a false report of a crime, a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail. Well good. I'm glad she's going to get what she deserves. Now if they'll force her to pay back all the money spent on the search for her, she might think twice about being such a clueless retard in future. Frankly I'd make an example out of her and double the sentence.

US Alienating itself, part 3.

Hundreds of US soldiers have swept through the western Iraqi town of Haditha, searching homes and seizing suspected insurgents. At a ratio of 15 troops for every one household, this is clearly cementing the US as hostile occupiers rather than liberators. It seems the troops tore apart most of the houses, arresting civilians and even killing some of them. The BBC reports one guy was hauled out of his house, blindfolded, had a number written on his forehead and thrown in the back of a truck. Apparently he had "too much ammunition" for his registered gun. The US continues to trample on human rights and this latest incident is further evidence that "President" B*sh needs to be impeached. For as long as he is at the helm, the world is getting less safe by the day. Countries all over the world are taking their lead from America's wanton disregard for human rights and the Geneva Convention. B*sh needs to employ more brains and less military if he wants to see this ter

Darth Vader is a gay S&M fetishist?

One of our local Burger Kings has an inflatable Darth Vader on the roof. PRoblem is that his light sabre has slipped out of one hand, and apparently he has a puncture. The result is a limp-wristed Darth holding what now looks like a crooked giant pink vibrator. The straps they've used to try to steady the thing have all slipped and look like bondage straps. It seems the restaurant owners haven't noticed and that the P.R. people didn't think about this too long and hard.

The further demise of England

As if England wasn't already on the verge of moral collapse and decay, now a goddamn mobile phone ring tone is the number one song in the music charts? Have you heard this Crazy Frog thing? It's hilarious the first time around, but thats it. It shouldn't have ever become a ring tone, and certainly doesn't qualify as music. According to people posting on the net, this damn thing is advertised twice in every advert break on radio and TV. I can't understand how it is that nobody has shot the person in charge over this.

And so to the heatwave.

The most miserable few months have arrived here in Salt Lake City, when the temperature gets above 30°C and stays there for 4 months :( Still, at least we don't have the humidity to deal with. I can't imagine living somewhere like Texas or Florida where they have this heat and humidity to go with it. 4 months of living in the oven is enough for me. 2 months would be better. In fact if the weather could be like it was last saturday, but all summer long, it would be just fine. 25&degC and a nice cool breeze. Instead, it's like opening the door to a fan oven ....

Just when you thought America couldn't alienate itself any

In yet another example of B*shism at its best, it turns out Washington has secretly been talking to N.Korea, circumventing the multilateral nuclear disarmament talks. Or as we call it "bi-lateral" talks. Now lets just refresh our memories shall we? B*sh was entirely 100% opposed to Kerry's plans for bi-lateral talks with N.Korea because of the lengthy involvement of the multilateral talks already in place. Now B*sh has instigate bi-lateral talks. Two-faced liar. Again. That'll be reason 1,344,723 to impeach him.