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Wall Of Rewire

Choon! Going through a backlog of radio shows, I've come across an amazing mashup called "Wall Of Rewire". Wow. It's a mashup done by Airbase of Armin's "Wall Of Sound" vs. the Robert Nickson / Daniel Kandi's Avenger Remix of "Rewire" Find it on A State Of Trance 381, about 1:32:00 in to the mix. Or come ask me for it :-)

Okay - NOW it feels like 2009.

I'm listening to Armin's two last State Of Trance transmissions from last year - the top 20, and the two hour yearmix. I'm a week late, but now it properly feels like a new year with the roundup in the previous year's music.


We're in the freezer for the New Year here - it's -11°C this morning. We had some more snow over the weekend, and more expected today. I'll probably be skiing again on sunday. Didn't go yesterday because I'm still not quite right after a bout of food poisoning on friday.