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The sweet sweet taste of revenge.

On the way back up 21st south tonight, some dickhead in a matt black VW Golf cut me off pretty badly, even for a Utahn. The old left-indicator-but-turning-right trick. Only once he'd got in to the right hand lane, he decided he actually really did want to be in the left lane after all and came back across the front of me a second time, this time with his right-hand indicator on. Fortunately, on the way down 21st south I noticed the rozzers were out on the tug. So when we got to the lights at 15th east, I gunned the engine. Now bear in mind I drive a 2-ton Honda Element that wheezes it's way to 60mph in a frankly hideous 12 seconds. So I was clearly never going anywhere, but matt-black VW fell for it (sucker!) and took off when the lights went green, right into the waiting radar beam of the police car parked at Highland High. The rest, as they say, is a nice hot cup of "fuck you".

The real question.

This is the question that should have been asked to the CEOs of the big three car manufacturers who flew to Washington in their business jets to plead poverty: "I assume you all drove here in the products of your respective companies?"

Must try harder

It's been brought to my attention that I've been slacking off on the blog recently, with the notable exception of the Abbey Clancy picture (mmmmm). I'll try to keep it more up to date. Having said that, we've just come back from a weekend away in Portland. Nice city. Lots of panhandlers, great public transport and a really great science museum. The submarine tour was particularly entertaining. Oh and the world's biggest independent book store - Powell's. That place is frickin' huge. One city block, four floors deep. The individual sections are massive, and attract the stereotypes you'd expect. For example in the Tolkien section there were two 400lb behemoths, sweating it out with lank greasy hair and badly-fitting t-shirts, arguing about something to do with Mordor. The political section was full of very thin people with Latt├Ęs and thin-rimmed glasses all carrying iBooks. The mapping section was full of dusty, beardy people either coming from or about