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B*sh is staying at war.

A telling slip up in one of B*sh's speeches today has given a proper indication of his plans to keep killing the country's military. Our efforts in Iraq and the broader Middle East will require more time , more sacrifice and continued resolve . Nice. I'm sure the parents of all those kids being sent in as cannon fodder will be happy to hear this. Likely targets: Syria and Iran.

A sofa, a sofa. My Kingdom for a sofa.

At last! We've found a sofa we actually like! It's been bloody difficult. The majority of the furniture shops in Utah specialise in colonial furniture. You know - solid mahogany with burghundy leather held on with 2-inch brass nails and rivets. It's hideous stuff. Today we discovered a place called Manhattan Loft which does, amongst other things, a line of furniture from Palliser, in Canada. We found 8 sofas in that place that we liked. Which is a nice change from walking into all the other stores and not finding a single one we liked. So we've put 50% down and now have to wait for 8 weeks for delivery.

George's thought for friday.


Spamming the blogs?

It looks like the spawns of satan - internet spammers and advertisers - have discovered a new way to piss everyone off. It seems they've figure out how to send comments to the blogs. I got in this morning and last night's post had three comments, so I eagerly went to my blog to see who'd said something. Instead there was an advert for some moron in Nigeria who thinks I'm going to send him cash. There was an advert for some concoction which I supposedly needed to rub on my penis to make it grow. And there was an advert telling me that basically if I wasn't taking XyloProPratinol (or something) that I was dying - right now - at this very moment my life was in danger because I wasn't paying a spammer money for drugs. It amazes me that people actually waste their time thinking things up like this. With the built-in popup blocker and extensions like AdBlock for the Firefox browser, all their time is wasted because we never see their adverts. And thankfully blogger h

Motivational management.

Let me tell you a fairy tale. The Ford engineers have designed an engine which will conservatively do 40mpg city. They're busy building their new line of vehicles which have this engine in and meanwhile, Ford management have been down to the Chevy showroom downtown. Chevy has introduced a truck which has awesome LED tail lights and the Ford management's eyes light up. They run back to the shop floor - "Guys! Stop working on the 40mpg engine! Chevy has these cool LED tail lights! We must put them on our trucks right now or we'll never sell another one!" So the engineers down tools on the 40mpg engine and start redesigning their trucks to accept LED tail lights. Skip forwards a week, and the Ford management are down at the Nissan showroom. They see a dinky hydraulic cup holder in the new Nissan truck. They run back to the Ford shop floor - "Guys! Stop working on that LED tail light thing - Nissan have hydraulic cup holders! If we don't put these in our tr

It's quiet - too quiet.

When I was out in the car last night, it was weird. Very weird. There was hardly any traffic on the road. The parking lots were all empty. State street had less traffic on it than I'd ever seen. There were no people around on the sidewalks or crosswalks. There were no dogs barking, no birds chirping. The sky was a weird colour and the clouds were in a wispy high altitude formation I've never seen before. The sunset was almost red as oppose to the normal yellow / orange / pink. Even the weather man on TV said the clouds were travelling to the northwest last night, which he said was the first time he'd ever seen that. Dory was acting strangely too. It was all really weird, like something Bad was coming, like a swirling vortex of evil had settled over the city. Like the Seventh Seal had been broken. And then "President" B*sh arrived in Salt Lake City today to speak at a convention....

Life through glasses.

So I went to the opticians yesterday, and I'm far-sighted in both eyes, but only slightly. He said it was a toss-up whether or not toe give me a prescription, but he has so I sit here now mistyping like never before looking at the screen through my new glasses. This is going to take a lot of getting used to - changing focus from the keyboard to the screen and back is giving me a headache and everything is noticably magnified.... Tres weird.