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Windows really does suck.

For the longest time, my corporate laptop has always thrashed its hard drive. Even when supposedly idle, the hard drive is just constantly going. I finally got to the bottom of it - some process in XP called "ccmexec" was constantly accessing the drive. I killed the service, and for the first time ever, my laptop has actually gone quiet. And it's sped up. Without that thing constantly nailing the hard drive, everything else has become quicker.

Not bad for the day after Thanksgiving travel.

Apart from the 6am start this morning, the trip to Orlando wasn't too bad. We had a plane go tech at Dallas so we were delayed an hour while they changed gates and found us a new plane. The second plane had an FMS failure which took them another hour to fix but then we were on the way. Even with the delay and the change of plane, American got my luggage here in one piece. I wonder how those poor fools who travelled on Delta fared? My guess: out shopping for wash kits and clothes right now :-)

Closure on the old Triumph problem.

I had a call from Triumph corporate today with the final word on the old bike. They found a bent clutch pull/pusher and an out of spec pressure plate at the top of the stack. Not by much, but enough to cause the symptoms that I, the dealer and Triumph corporate's techs were all experiencing. This casts all new light on my dealer. 6 weeks into the original debacle, they claimed to have taken the clutch apart and changed all the pressure plates. The fact that Triumph corporate found an plate out-of-spec and a bent clutch lifter would seem to suggest to me that BMW Of Salt Lake lied about that too, and never even bothered taking the bike apart at all. It's nice to be vindicated right back to the point where I took the bike in the first time around and told them it was a clutch problem. I have renewed faith in my own diagnostic capabilities, and I've also finally been proven right to have protested them dismantling the transmission with the engine out of the frame. So 17 we


From our trip to Portland last weekend - at the science museum, Paula learns about Van Der Graaf generators. Frankly I think this should be her profile picture on Facebook.....