Showing posts from March 21, 2004
Damned Utah power. First rain for 3 weeks and the power went out at 8:50 this morning. Took them nearly 7 hours to get it back on........
Yawn .
I was considering upgrading to the latest version of download accelerator (DAP) this morning so I installed the new trial version. Methinks not. In a 30Mb download, it popped up my browser three times with adverts. It put adverts on my desktop. It opened a copy of IE and popped an advert in there, and it kept pausing the download to show adverts. Hmm. This is not the way to get people to buy your software. Moaning-nagging-bitchware is a great way to ensure people write hacks for it. Oh, and I ran Adaware afterwards - it had also installed (count them) 23 pieces of spyware. My recommendation : steer clear of these idiots. I guess they must have had an IPO or something, because a once-useable piece of software has become polluted with crap.
Holy shit! The EU have just fined Microsoft $613M and ordered them to unbundle internet explorer and media player from windows in a massive antitrust suit!. Sweeeettt!!!!!!!
Funny . The RIAA website is down for it's fifth day today. Of course the RIAA claim its nothing to do with the MyDoom virus or DOS attacks. Nah. Nothing at all. Ah-ah. Nope. I guess they'll be hopping into bed with SCO shortly to sue everyone for infringement of copyright of the word "The".