Showing posts from November 23, 2003
On travel again. This time I'm in Orlando. The weather here is pretty warm although the local TV stations are bemoaning the fact that it dared to get down to 5 degrees C today! The flight wasn't too bad; scored an exit row seat with a free seat next to me. Used the company laptop to watch 2Fast2Furious and most of the extras. Wow a 4 hour flight vanishes when you have something you're interested in to watch. We're at the same hotel as last year but in the new convention centre. The place is bloody huge! Still - only 4 days of trade show to put up with before I get to go to Islands of Adventure. Suh-weet.
Satellite TV companies are basing their holiday advertisements this year on high cable rates. Time Warner Cable has responded by announcing five-percent rate increase. Laugh ? You couldn't stop me from laughing. ....
I had a run-in with the double-E sisters last night. I went to my local Lowe's to collect an internet order I made (for in-store pickup). I knew it was going to be a long night when I got to the customer service desk and the girl's name was Tangee. Needless to say, she had no idea you could order from the internet and pickup in store, so she certainly didn't know what to do. 5 minutes later, after dithering around, she called the next in charge. Aymee. Aymee? Christ woman - it's A-M-Y, not Aymee. No, she didn't know how to do it, but she got on the phone to Kirstee. Kirstee didn't know how to do it but came to the desk anyway to mess around with the computer. So after 20 minutes, someone on the phone told the double-E sisters to call Luis. Luis arrived, and in 30 seconds of keyboard flurrying, had two copies of my online order and a receipt printed out, and one of the loaders had my item brought to the front desk. Thanks Luis. And Lowe's: you can get rid