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The Few. The Proud. The Marines.....

And no, it's not a joke: </object

Escalator spinning - fail.

It had to happen. It's still funny though. Escalator Spin Fail - Watch more free videos

Escalator spinning.

Clever. And funny. Cute Blonde Escalator Spin Trick - Watch more free videos

Miley Cyrus? Really?

I I heard a track on the radio this morning and I thought 'hmm - not heard that before - like it'. Well - until it got to one of the chorus lines which was "she's just being Miley". Eugh. It's a See You Again - a Miley Cyrus track. Really? I gave myself a mental slapping.

How cool is this?

I just found out today that one of the guys I work with is going to be hiking Kilimanjaro later this year. I know the word 'awesome' is overused a lot - but really, that actually is awesome.