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1200 miles later....

Just got back from the round-trip to Las Vegas to see Raymond and Marie finally get married. I'm glad we've got the Honda Element, and I'm glad we turned up a day earlier than planned. Marie was panicking beautifully about ferrying luggage and parents around between locations and hotels. We were gladly able to help out. The wedding was great, at Arch Rock in the Valley of Fire. It was piggin' hot - 45°C. They were staying at the Red Rock casino and hotel complex, and after the wedding we went back there, had pizza for lunch then chilled out for about 3 hours in the pool. Paula and Marie boiled themselves in the jacuzzi whilst Raymond and I caught up with all the news. The pool area was great - huge pool with speakers underwater. Neat. The Red Rock is a great new complex, miles away from the strip with huge rooms, high ceilings and a lot of natural and wood finishes inside. The big surprise though was on tuesday. As I stood in line at the checkin in the Luxor, my dad wa

America is scared of it's own shadow.

Today's stories of Americans panicking and being scared to death of nothing : two airliners made emergency landings. One because a toilet door was locked, one because a passenger spent "too long" in the toilet. Radical terrorist groups all over the world must just be dying with laughter watching this. Everyone over here is so brainwashed that they're scared of their own shadows now. The news crews interviewed a passenger off the flight that had the passenger in the toilet for too long, and she said "I felt safer once we were on the ground". Safer? Than what? Than being stuck at 30,000ft with someone who had a bad case of the shits? Everyone seems to have take collective leave of their senses over here - the American public, egged on by CNN, the pentagon and Bush, have caused more hysteria, panic and disruption to daily life than any terrorist could ever do. To wit, CNN are banging on about N.Korea again now - nuclear weapons tests and missile tests again. W