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The mystery of the messed up shoulder

For a while now I've had quite a limited range of motion in my left shoulder. Plus it hurts like hell if I get my arm into certain positions. I gave in and went to see the doctor a while back and after a couple of visits I ended up having an MRI scan yesterday. The extent of the problem in my shoulder is quite alarming. I would expect this amount of trouble if I was a rugby player or took part in some other regular activity involving falling, crushing or mashing my joints. But I'm a sedentary creature so quite how this happened I don't know. As best as I can figure, I probably did it during my huge ski crash a few years ago and its only now becoming a problem. Either way, at some point I'm going to end up in surgery for this. Must remember to put that off until after my planned big motorbike tour in Colorado in July. That would just be inconvenient if I had to cancel that :-)

I hate DRM

For ages now I've been getting "free" digital copies of movies packaged in with BluRays that I buy. Never thought anything of them - not much point really given that I have a home theatre. But this morning I thought I'd load up my iPhone with a couple of movies for an upcoming trip. Popped the disc in to my PC - no problem - brought up iTunes and it asked me for a redemption code. What the bloody hell is a redemption code? I've got the digital copy - it's right here in my machine. Why do I need a code to get the movie off the disc? And where is it. iTunes tells me it's in the "insert" but none of my BluRays have "inserts". The box has two discs in it, and a sleeve around the outside. So is this the latest great DRM scam from Hollywood? Do I need to re-buy the movies via a redemption code before I can watch what I've already bought? Shit like this is why people pirate movies. I've never ripped or pirated a movie and long since ga