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El Busho proves himself at the RNC.

Despite four days of 9/11 rhetoric, the abject failure of El Busho to capture Osama Bin Laden wasn't mentioned once. In fact, Osama Bin Laden wasn't mentioned once at all, in any way shape or form. Iraq of course - well that's a different matter. Clearly you invade Iraq after you country is attacked by Saudis trained in Afghanistan .... Still, the prez did tell us he's proved himself, and he has. Proved himself to be a liar. Proved himself to be manipulative. Proved himself to be a moronic smug bastard. Proved himself to be hate-driven. Proved himself to be a warmonger. Proved himself to be a fearmonger. Proved that he can destroy the American economy. Proved that he can destroy the American employment situation. Proved that he can garner resentment and hate worldwide. Proved that he can alienate even the closest of allies. "Mission accomplished." Now step down and let someone else prove themselves better than you.

Land of the oppressed...

With the Republican convention going on this week, El Busho is clamping down on that pesky 'free speech' thing. Over 1500 people have been arrested in NY so far for exercising their right to protest, demonstrate, and spreak freely. Apparently he doesn't like the fact that everyone thinks he's a warmongering jackass and the Constitution gives them the right to say that. I'm sure an amendment will be along shortly banning free speech.

Black box voting

The horror stories around Diebold e-voting machines keep growing. It's been discovered now that the Diebold-suggested paper-trail voter cards can easily be counterfeited. The supervisor password on all their machines is "1111" out of the factory. They have a problem with unencrypted transmission of results. And they run Windows. Add to this that in Ohio, Diebold's president, Walden O'Dell (coincidentally one of El Busho's biggest campaign contributors), sent a letter last year to Ohio Republicans saying he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." That doesn't sound too much like vote-rigging does it?

Deck certified!

Sweet! The building inspector came around this afternoon and after a while checking the deck over, he signed off on it and ticked the "approved" box in the final piece of paperwork. Not bad given I've never built anything before!

Steadfast and Resolute.

El Busho has finally admitted that he doesn't think he can win the war on terror. Here's one of bazillions of articles on it. After months/years of listening to the Republicans base their campaign on the singular ability to win the war on terror, El Busho is now saying we can't win the war on terror.

Another first for Bush

I know they like to think everything to do with Texas is bigger, and Bush has another first to his bow today : largest anti-president protest in American history. An estimated 500,000 people basically brought New York to its knees yesterday with a gargantuan anti-Bush protest. Well done, I say. America and the World will not be a safer place until this warmonger is out of office.

The deck is done.

At last, the deck is finished. I put the final set of balusters up this morning and finished it off with the handrail. The inspector will be around on tuesday to say yay or nay.