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I want to come back as a cat.

On a hot summer afternoon, what do you do if you're a black cat? You find a shady spot with a cool lump of concrete and sit there, reclining. Our cat under one of our trees :-)

Chris Does St. Louis.

Back again. I think I'm done with travelling for the time being. Having spent two weeks in England, I was home for one day before going to a conference in St. Louis. I arrived early so I did the tourist thing up the St. Louis Arch whilst I was there - that's one of my 'arty' cellphone photos below. The conference was the usual guff. The hotel was nice and the area it was in was even nicer - the Central West End. It's left over from the 1901 World's Fair and it's very cosmopolitan - lots of walking streets, small independent shops and a raft of excellent restaurants. The word 'excellent' however can't be applied to St. Louis' airport. It functions nearly as badly as Heathrow and Gatwick. Starting with the rental car return signs that direct you out of the airport and back on to the motorway. Then the security personnel, who as far as I could gather at 6am this morning, were more interested in where they were going for Thanksgiving this year t

Why can't the Americans use the 24hr clock?

It's bloody annoying, especially when you're trying to set an unfamiliar clock radio in a hotel room. You know the type - the 12-hour clock with the little hidden dot that tells you the time is "PM". I dutifully and very carefully checked last night as I set the alarm, that the "PM" dot wasn't lit. It wasn't, which meant that I'd correctly set the alarm for 7:00 this morning. At 9:30 this morning, as I was woken by the road construction outside my window, I checked the clock and the "PM" light was on. The bastard clock was 12 hours out! So even though I'd set the alarm for 7am, the clock last night was set to "AM" when I set it - ie with no "PM" light. Or something. I can't figure the bloody thing out. So this morning, the clock now thought it was 7pm which is why the alarm didn't go off. Christ it would be so much easier to just use the 24 hour clock! It's really not that difficult. 7:00 means 7 in

Bush's covert plan to keep the US in Iraq indefinitely.

There used to be a time when this was called "Germany Invades Poland"... Bush plans to keep the US In Iraq indefinitely with a covert plan designed to allow him to claim "military victory" before the 2008 elections.