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Little darlings

So I'm sitting here eating lunch and there's a family here with seven kids. For the last fifteen minutes, everyone in this Burger King has been subjected to "Jake put that down. Miley don't do that. Carson stop! Eric don't break that. Terry come here. Jake PUT THAT DOWN! Robbie don't climb on that. Suzy get out of the trash. Carson I said NO. Terry - here! Miley - no - I know but you can't do that here. Jake pick that up." Etc. Etc. Etc. 'Carson' just keeps whining "I wanna get down" over and over again and on top of that, the seventh child, a mere baby, is switching back and forth between eating mashed up French fries (great diet for a baby) and screaming it's head off. In short the parents have no control over their kids, and apparently it didn't occur to them to stop after they'd had one or two.

National Opt-out day

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving, force the TSA to invasively frisk you rather than giving you cancer. Link: National Opt Out Day Link: Why you should not use the full body scanners.


I'm on my way home from Korea now, but rather than simply getting the express bus back to the airport I am going into Seoul first to meet someone I've done contract CGI work for in the past. I'm on a Korail bullet train right now, nipping across the countryside at 300kmh using their free wifi! If all goes according to plan, I will meet up with my work colleagues for the flight from Incheon tonight. If not .... Well best not worry about that :-) Chris (from my NerdPhone)