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Boeing officially announced the 7E7 Dreamliner today. According to the press releases, "The 7E7 is all about taking passengers where they want to go, when they want to go there more comfortably and affordably than ever before" Bollocks. It's about jamming as many of us as possible into an aluminium tube with fuck-all legroom. More comfortably and affordably than ever before, my arse. That's as bad as Airbus's "malls, shops and bars" on the upper deck of the A380. We're not stupid, Mr Aircraft manufacturer. We know that no airline in the world is going to give us luxury and affordability when they can rape us for profit and squeeze more of us into a smaller space.
Dear God. El Busho wants Saddam to undergo the "ultimate punishment" for his crimes. Does this idiot not understand that killing Saddam would turn him into a martyr? That's the last thing we need! On another note, it's awfully convenient don't you think that at such a low point in Bush's presidency they miraculously "found" Saddam ? There's growing rumour that he's been in captivity for ages and that now was the time it was decided to "reveal" the capture. Also conveniently, they discovered papers that "proved an elaborate, coordinated guerilla terrorist network was being organised by Saddam against coalition forces." And conveniently he was found with $750,000 in cash in a steel briefcase. The photos of which looked a lot like a samsonite that had been hit with a hammer and was covered in freshly applied "camouflage" paint. El Busho's approval rating shot up 6% because of this capture. That leads to
If you need something to worry about, The effects of global thermonuclear war is a good read. It's a scientifically accurate, no-bullshit account of the sort of war that could happen if El Busho keeps pissing off nations with nuclear aspirations. Sleep tight.
Travelling again. This time I'm in Atlanta. We arrived last night, late, after a pig of a snowstorm and wind front moved through Salt Lake. We knew the takeoff was going to be rough when the plane was swaying whilst we were waiting on the taxiway because of the wind gusts. The 20 degree left-right-left swerve at 140 knots on the takeoff roll didn't help much either but after we cleared the Rockies, everything was calm. Uncrated and set up the IG today. Worked straight out of the box, as usual. Delta are becoming increasingly curious at how we managed to swap IGs in two hours.....
You could have knocked me down with a feather this morning. Saddam Hussein has been captured alive in Tikrit, hiding in a foxhole outside a farmhouse (apparently). This still doesn't mean I think anything more of El Busho, but it's an impressive demonstration by the military and "intelligence" officials. According to the news channels, the managed to beat interrogate Hussein's position out of a captured army general.