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Dead clie again.

I think my Clie has definitely had it. It was 75% charged last night, and I came to use it this afternoon and it's totally dead again. Won't even take charge from the USB cable :-( This means either a new battery and the potential to ruin it totally, or simply a new organiser :(

Batten down

Dayam . Hurricane Charley has been raised to a category 4 - sustained winds in excess of 145mph. If that hits shore this afternoon as expected, it's going to be carnage. The damage bill is going to be very significant.

XP - the taker of productivity.

What is it with Microsoft and their operating systems? Why is it that each release gets less reliable, more unstable, and more buggy? XP has got to be the single worst product that company has ever produced. It is so buggy and so unstable it's a miracle I ever get anything done. Despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary, XP does have a blue screen of death. I see it about twice a day. The first one just happened as I was hitting "save" in my application. Thankfully, it crashed mid-save and corrupted the file, because I didn't really want the last hour's worth of work. I was just fiddling with the mouse and randomly building polygons for the hell of it. NOT! Jesus, Gates - why can't you EVER make your company write f*cking software that works???? You have no excuse - you've been doing it for years. You know in most industries, the latest version of something tends to build on the experience of what has gone before. It does not, as in Microsoft'

Composite decking is piggin' expensive

We went to pick up the decking planks for our - well - deck - last night. 30 planks, each 6inches x 5/4inch x 12ft. How much? $700, that's how much. Still - they are zero maintenance so in the long run, we'll benefit.

Annie Jacobsen is a hysterical white female.

Annie Jacobsen's account of what happened on Flight 327 reads like a nervous white-trash tale of panic and terror, simply because she has been indoctrinated to believe that all non-Americans are terrorists. If you read the other articles about the same flight, notably this one from one the air marshalls on board , then you come to the conclusion that the real problem on flight 327 was Annie Jacobsen, not the 14 Syrian musicians. Stupid woman. Meanwhile, as the "Al Qaeda Threat" doesn't seem to be scaring anyone, El Busho has taken to having people with video cameras arrested now. Some chap has been detained by the Feds for videotaping skylines across the southeast. They've not translated his narration yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if he turns out to be - ooh - I don't know - a tourist or an architecture student. Instead, they've jumped to the conclusion that he was surveilling the cities for terrorist attack.

Knee Jerk

Saturday's faked beheading video is getting a ton of interest after the event now. The guys who made the video are shunning all responsibility, whilst AP and Reuters are blaming them for everything. The truth of the matter is that it was made as an experiment to find out how quickly erroneous information could be spread by the Internet. For an hour on Saturday morning, the Associated Press reported that 22-year-old Benjamin Vanderford had been beheaded in Iraq. They did this without checking facts, or even bothering to call Vanderford who gave out his address in the video. In fact if you look closely at the video, you can see that the supposed beheading is done with a dull vegetable knife and they even used the wrong side! Even though the video portrays only somebody making a sawing motion against Vanderford's neck with a knife, the Associated Press repeatedly characterized the depiction in the clip as a "beheading" -- and its first four stories about the

Yes or No to Bush

I have no control over the ads that appear at the top of my blog. So if you see one which asks if you'd vote yes or no to Bush, don't bother with it. The thing is a scam (obviously) and when you click through to their site, you can click "no" all you like but their page has some very simple HTML on it which always defaults the answer to yes. It's a glorious and very simple example of how Bush is going to rig the election.

Only 137 shopping days 'till Christmas!

Well done Harrod's. They've finally completely lost it back in England. Today, 137 days early, would you believe they opened their Christmas department? 10,000 square feet of mince pies, decorations, trees, snow, fairy lights and other Christmas items. Who the FUCK is going to shop for Christmas in the middle of August?

Hacking away at the evidence.

There's something about the Lori Hacking murder which nobody has mentioned yet. He killed her early on the morning he knew the dumpsters would be emptied. I guess so that her body wouldn't be lying around for a couple of days waiting to be discovered. This means planning, which means pre-meditated, which means murder, not manslaughter. I still think he's going to pull the insanity plea.

Koko for President.

Koko the gorilla, who has mastered over 1000 words in sign language, told her handlers she had "pain" and pointed to her mouth last week. Turns out she had toothache. They sedated her and checked her out and pulled a rotting tooth. How cool is that. Plus, with over 1000 words, she's more articulate than El Busho.

Frame Done, Deck to go.

I finished the framing on the deck yesterday. Put up all the remaining joist hangars, then mounted all the joists. So now we have a deck, but with no deck surface. We'll be going to pick up the composite decking this week.