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Woohoo ! The feds are nearly done planting evidence in Iraq. The US chief weapons inspector today said that "the inspectors are making good progress, and expect to see some surprises in the next couple of weeks". If that's not a red flag admission of guilt I'm not sure what is. In other news, Lucas is learning that a $50 game with a $13-per-month fee to play it is not a great business model. Starwars Galaxies - over 50,000 copies sold - Players online: 0 And most amusingly of all, - the new national "do not call" signup website to get your name and number removed from telemarketing lists, is so over-subscribed today (launch day) that the site has crashes twice already. They peaked at 2.2million hits per second before the last crash. Get the message, you telemarketing bastards - nobody likes you, you don't sell anything worthwhile, nobody buys from you and you're the scum at the bottom of the u-bend in a sweaty 400-pound ha
For the love of.... The latest craze over here now is - get this - "wrongful birth" lawsuits. Some couple have filed a "wrongful birth" lawsuit against their obstetrician, claiming he should have detected their child's condition pre-birth, told them about it, and advised them to have an abortion. As it is, they've got an 8-year old severely retarded kid that they don't want any more, so they've decided to blame it on someone else. Jeez.
Well thank God. It's raining. Today and tomorrow, and most of last night apparently (when I had my sprinklers on wouldn't you know it!). Since getting the rain gutters installed, this is the first time it's rained. And yes, they're all working nicely and routed correctly. We collected a fresh 55 gallons of rainwater overnight too for the garden. Sweet.
Made I Larff: THE DISMAL failure of a British-built drone during the war in Iraq has led the Ministry of Defence to reconsider its plans for a futuristic fleet of unmanned aircraft. Britain lost 23 of its Phoenix surveillance planes, which each cost about £1.5m. The Phoenix has such an abysmal record that the army, which uses it for artillery spotting, has called it “the Bugger Off” because of its tendency never to come back.