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Ready to ride.

We're off. Well - almost. At noon tomorrow Mark and I will be on our way, riding down to Torrey. Mike will be meeting us down there in the van with a couple of his mates, with three bikes on the trailer this time. Hopefully we'll have some good weather for three days of riding along with some fun at the expense of the girls in the Torrey Subway again. Personally, I'm looking forwards to Hell's Backbone....

September 26th 1983 - Stanislav Petrov saved your life.

Why? He prevented all-out nuclear war. Wikipedia Wired Thank you, Mr Petrov.


It seems I'm stuck in my very own Sicko movie. My health insurance are refusing to cover the cost of a treatment for my heels because they (faultily) consider it to be investigational, as oppose to an actual procedure. I've escalated it to our benefits provide now to see if they can see some sense.

Rain and snow!

We've had a weekend of rain in the valley, which was great, but more importantly, snow in the mountains. Lots of it, and down to 6,500ft. It very nearly snowed on the benches yesterday. Doesn't look like there's any more rain forecast for the next 10 days though so I suspect that most of the snow will melt again.