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A new tree

The Forest Pansy Redbud tree we had put in a couple of years ago died this spring :( We decided to replace it with something we've been told is more tolerant of full sun - a Sunburst Honeylocust. Lets see how this one fares. It was planted with some beneficial organism that should guarantee it for 5 years. Here's hoping.

Hitler's response to the Torchwood Season Finale

Brilliant clip. If you like Doctor Who and Torchwood at least..

80's flashback!

Flashback! My music player just spooled up 'Call Me' by Go West. As soon as it started I flashbacked to the summer of 1985. Karen Ashbury - the girl I had a huge crush on. My radio-controlled cars - specifically my Tamiya Willy's Jeep. The school summer play - 'The King and I'. Flying kites at the beach with my dad and having a paper packet of frites on the way home. Mark Hope and his incessant need to draw Eddie (from the Iron Maiden covers) and get everyone to play Dungeons and Dragons. Daniel Bright on suddenly discovering he had so much flexibility in his stomach muscles that he could make himself go from skinny rake to looking pregnant. Now that was weird. Patrick Karamoij and his Italo-painted brommer. Shit. That was 23 years ago :(

Adsense is broken.

Following my long-running and sporadic "Amazon is broken" theme on this blog, here's a new one for you. Google's Adsense program targets ads based on the content of the page, or in Gmail's case, on the content of the email. I had a nice email today from a guy called Jacques, who unfortunately for him, translated his name in the email. Adsense picked that up as the key, and I got two ads for jockstraps and one for the interestingly named "Kwaku's Errant Pixel" - a gentleman who wants to share his 'Errant pixel' with me. Made me laugh anyway. Click the image for the full-size version.