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Best. T-shirts. Ever.

Well - if you're a film / sci-fi nerd at least. There's three in here I particularly like - Weyland Yutani, Offworld Colonies and Tyrell Genetic Replicants. Last Exit To Nowhere T-shirts .

Deltalina's safety video.

I had to post this after seeing the Delta in-flight safety video on YouTube. The video stars aeronautical beverage engineer Katherine Lee, who for some reason the press now refer to as Deltalina. Apparently they think she looks like Angelina Jolie. Can't make the connection myself. Apart from which, the first time I saw it written down, I thought it was pronounced Delta-liner - gave me amusing mental pictures of her having plenty of capacity for passengers. Then when I realised it was Delta-leena, I thought of Thumbelina. The video itself is so condescending it's like they're talking to a bunch of 3-year-olds. I especially like the no smoking gesture - as if to say "na-ah you naughty little boy". Eesh. Then there's the rampantly gay bloke with the life vest. His sparkly teeth when he holds the seat cushion are just cringe-worthy. The video is clearly the product of an ethically-correct management seminar because it strains to cover all major races, both sexe

Charging people to poo on a plane?

Everyone's favourite airline - Ryanair - are considering charging people to use the toilets on their planes. It's not bad enough that they never fly on time, have the worst leg room of any airline and allow cellphone use, now it's going to cost to take a pee? RyanAir - Fucking Cheap . Maybe they'd be interested in this safety video:

More airport security theatre.

Enough is enough. Salt Lake airport are about to install these millimetre-wave backscatter full body scanners. I just can't see the point - they're still going to make us take off our shoes, belts and coats and put our bags through the x-ray machine. Then they'll still randomly pat people down and make us walk through the metal detector too. I'll use that machine if they let me walk in to it with my bag, dressed as I was when I arrived at the airport. If they can't do that, it's a pointless waste of technology, not to mention a gross invasion of privacy. Apart from anything else, they'll stop using them in 6 months' time because of the added delay. We had those puffer machines here for a while - those are all either broken or out of service now because of the time it took to use them and the delays it caused at the security line. What irritates me more than anything is the people they get on TV to ask about this sort of stuff. " Well I suppose if

Pimp my Element, 2009 stylee.

Like. Might get.

Snip, trim, adjust.

I just saved some more cash on our satellite bill. Years ago we had a single-channel, single-TV receiver and I just noticed that I've been paying $5 a month for it for the last three years. Oops. My bad. On top of that, I removed a bunch of HD channels we never watch, removed a DVR "service fee" because I asked them to (they only remove it if you notice it on the bill then phone and ask), and added a $3/month credit that appeared in the mail. Result : saved $17 a month. Sweet.