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The republicans have demonstrated their sheer stupidity this week. They opted to rename 'french fries' to 'freedom fries' in their cafeterias in washington. It's a pity they don't realise that fries originated in Belgium and the term 'french fries' is wrong anyway.... What's worse is that the idiot majority of sheep are now boycotting all things French - cheese, wine, even the Sofitel hotel group. Don't they realise this will make absolutely no difference to the situation at hand. If anything it will make any post-war trade with France even harder to recover.
T'was a quiet day today. This Elizabeth Smart thing is very suspicious. I mean think about it - what else happens to women that takes 9 months? Our conspiracy theory group reckons someone got her pregnant and daddy sent her away with this weirdo......I mean it was incredibly convenient that on the day Ed Smart had a go at the police because they weren't taking this lead seriously, the guy turns up with his daughter. Turns out they'd camped out behind the Smart house for the first three weeks. During the search, one guy came forward to say he thought he'd seen them back there, and was very quickly hushed up by the family. The police were back there too - were they paid not to find her? Don't get me wrong - I'm glad she's alive. But there's something very unsettling about the dad. It's also very unsettling that there's never been another case of a girl going missing and turning up alive 9 months later. Not one. This is the first time the child
Blimey! They've found Elizabeth Smart. In Sandy. Really local. The shit's going to hit the fan for the Smart family now, because the investigation will start into what actually happened and why the city burned off so much cash in the search effort. My guess is that the $250,000 reward won't be paid out because I reckon it will be conveniently engineered so that the person who "found" her is related to the Smart family.... In other news, George Bush Senior has publicly spoke out for the first time about his son's warmongering ways. Seems there's dissent in the Bush household and daddy isn't supporting his son any more.
After a day of riding his new bike, Kerry came back in to the office today, sore all over. Despite that, and a few close calls where he mis-timed the whole gear/brake/indicator/foot-down and stop sequence, he's loving it. I think he's going to bring the bike in to work tomorrow so we can all fawn and drool over it :-) I've come up with a plan for my bike purchase - I'm going to try the late-afternoon last day of the month approach and see if I can get a bargain.
I've discovered an amusing new use for Google's language tools. Write something - anything, then feed it into their translator from English to German (for example). Then copy the translated german text back into Google and translate it from German back to English. You'll be amused by the results. It's like chinese whispers on steroids.
We went up to the BMW place again this weekend and I got to drool over the 2002 gunmetal grey R1150GS. Homer---->Mmmm. Motorbike. Aaarrggghglllll. I dug out my boots and lid today and found the keys to my topbox. All my gloves are in there and still in good nick considering they've not been used for three years....