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Great spam offers.

I was checking my spam in gmail before deleting it and there were two new offers in there I'd not seen before. One of the emails was entitled 'WhackingPenisSelena' and the other was entitled 'SignificantPenisLea'. Made I larf. Of course on page four of the spam there was an email telling me that 'Increasing Your Rod Will Satisfy Lassie'. Woof.

Snowy commute.

It's not really a commute for me - more of a 15 minute jaunt through local traffic and back roads. Foothill Drive was clogged up this morning so I took the back route up and past the golf course. I'd figured their roads would have been plowed given that the rich neighbourhoods always have clear roads, but I guess this morning they hadn't buttered the right muffin because the roads were snow-packed up there. Which was nice. So this is my current colour scheme for the Element. I call it 'winter crud two-tone'.

Oh my.

Paula's new Victoria's Secret catalogue was waiting in the mail last night when I got home, so I thumbed through it. Well - it would have been rude not to. There's a raft of new stuff, and new models, and some old faves. Heidi Klum is still kicking around. Some of the new models look a bit psychotic in their poses and airbrushing, but some, like this one, were trés easy on the eyes. No idea who she is though. It's nice to see a model that isn't so thin she looks like a bag of coathangers too - she actually looks healthy.

Nailing the HDDVD coffin properly shut.

Paramount and Dreamworks have now also announced they're ditching HDDVD in favour of going all Blu-Ray. So the studios have stuck the knife in and twisted it - now HDDVD is squirming on the ground in agony, can we kick the crap out of it too? Please? Oh wait. Target are doing that - they've announced only Blu-Ray players and software too. Paramount goes Blu-Ray Target goes Blu-Ray

Bond News

Looks like the new Bond film is simply going to be called '007' and the new Bond girl is someone called Gemma Arterton. It's due to be released in November. Sweet.


Apart from Formula 1, there's only one other sporting event that I watch on TV, and that's the Dakar rally. It was cancelled at the 11th hour this year because of a 'direct' threat of terrorist action against the racers. Bugger it. The organisers claim that they'll run it again in 2009 but I wonder if they're going to bow to the current climate of fear and just cancel it for good? Thank you Bush - that's another pleasure that's been taken away from millions of people because of your stupid regime's actions.

4725 vertical feet.

A short ski day today - it was pissing it down with snow and the resort looked fab but I'm still not brilliant on fresh powder, and the longer I stayed up there, the worse I was getting because it was laying down fresh snow frantically. Still - it was a fun morning. Came back down to the valley to find a 30 minute snow storm working its way across to the east, which had removed all the lane markings from I-215 turning it into a giant ground-blizzard free-for-all.