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John Barrowman : irritating

The BBC1 breakfast show had John Barrowman on it this morning and I have to say he's the most irritating guest they've ever had on. He's full of an inflated sense of self-importance and he seems to think he's the Best Thing Ever. He's not funny, he can't decide whether he's American, Irish or Scottish with his drifting accent, and his constant advertising of the fact that he's gay was beyond a joke. What a total asshole.

Our power consumption is visible now.

I installed a TED5000 energy monitor in the house today - hooks up partly to the electrical panel and partly to the home network. We now have a realtime display of just how much power we're using, either by logging in to the device via a computer, checking google powermeter (it's connected to that), or looking at the little remote display that it came with. In the same way that having your car's mpg staring you in the face will help you drive more efficiently, I'm sure having the house's power consumption readily visible will make us more frugal with our power demands. Of course we're already frugal compared to our American neighbours, but that's beside the point ....